Broken Glass...Emergency Over
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This is how I feel every time my crush talks to me….yes, sadly I still have crushes *shrugs*


i wish people paid less attention to the drama in their television screens and more attention to the drama unfolding outside their windows. you know, the script they can actually change.

I found pictures of me actually smiling as a kid, thanks to my cousins @hotniquez23 & @Dsmilez84. 

Childhood Memory

Today I woke up feeling loved, blessed and genuinely happy. It seemed to have burst inside me, oozing from my pores and causing every muscle in my body to dance, every vein to pump pure bliss to my heart. I have no idea where it came from, why it came, or even how to keep it!

I had a great day and smiled so much my face hurt, laughed at nothing in particular and felt quite crazy. Best of all, I REALLY enjoyed the day with my amazing niece who seemed particularly ecstatic about this sudden shift in my mood from this past week.

Today my niece and I spent most of our day outdoors. We raced on the swings and for once I was completely present in that moment. No thoughts of what is wrong in my life or what I’m missing on twitter. We laughed hard and my thoughts were of nothing more than enjoying the innocence of it all. It was hilarious seeing a 5 year old use air quotes around the word ‘park’ haha. I even thought that this is how I want my niece to remember me…these are the memories I want to leave imprinted on her heart.

Once I was tired of the swing race, I took a seat to watch her triumphantly learn to pump her legs & swing all on her own, I had a flashback. For the longest time my earliest memory of my mother was of her death. But today I saw vividly, a scene unfolding in the blur of tears I hadn’t noticed were forming across my eyes until that moment. I could not have been older than 1 or 2 as I sat in a baby swing at a park I can’t recall the name of. I saw my mother seated upon a blanket next to my aunt, sister and cousin. I watched them laughing and smiling, not paying much attention to me. I wanted to swing but all I could do was sit still. Suddenly, I began swinging back and forth from a gentle push sum stranger gave me. At first I laughed, but then I must have let go because I ended up on the ground. I remember my mother picking me up and dusting me off while trying to comfort me by holding me tightly in her arms and whispering that I was going to be ok. If only I could feel those arms around me again *sigh*…then the memory faded. 

Although it may seem like a bittersweet memory; to me it was a happy one. What stuck most was my mother’s laugh and the liveliness of her presence. In all honesty, I can’t say for sure if that memory is even real or if it is one that I’ve fantasized to have a little something to hold on to. All I know is that it made me all the more happy to have another memory of my mother while making new ones with my niece. I’m grateful for today because someone else did not get to have today to make memories…someone else’s memory of today may not be as fond…like so many directly affected by the riots in London. 

Today was one of the best days I’ve had in a very long time. I am grateful for my memories and as happy as I am for myself…I am still sadden by the destruction of our world by our hands. Even as I prepare for sleep, praying for another beautiful day like today…It feels absurd praying for happiness when so many are just wanting to feel safe. So, I pray for peace in the world, in our minds and in our hearts. I pray for love to be spread where hate and destruction have been found, and beyond. The world needs so much healing and the truth of it is that it starts with us. 

Meeting @aliciakeys: April 4th 2010 TEOF Tour

I arrived at the meeting spot at 6:20pm damn near running through the parking lot and up this long ramp because I thought I was late. We were to meet Big Rob at the box office by 6:30pm. When I got to the top of the ramp and looked around I spotted an extremely tall guy that I recognized as fellow AK fam Jason @jj_newberry & introduced myself. He had been standing with his cousin in the cold for awhile waiting. We talked and waited as other meet & greeters began to arrive and stand with us. There were 7 of us total. We stood outside in the cold for a good 20mins before Big Rob finally came out to get us. 

When he called my name, my heart was racing and I thought I would pass out as I walked up to him, handed him my id & the email we were supposed to print out and bring with us. After he checked my papers I went to stand in line. We waited for a bit more before we moved in a single file line to the East Entrance. I had a jacket in one hand, a gift (t-shirt that said I hella love Oakland on it), my ticket and a poster I made for Melanie Fiona. They scanned my ticket and as I was going through security they took my poster and said its not allowed. I was super bummed because Melanie said she would be looking for it. 

After that, we stood in line again and waited before we were led down a couple flights of stairs. We were told to line up against the wall while another group of people came down the stairs. There were about 50-60 other people there to meet Alicia besides us. There was a group who won a radio contest, and then there was a group that was with FUZE. They were led into another room. One of the other vip fam asked someone to take a picture of our group and it was a nice group photo.

Just as we finished the photo, Big Rob came out again and told us to follow him. He lead us through a doorway and then through two more doorways before we stopped and caught up with the first two groups. 

By this time it was a little after 7pm and the line had not moved at all. Most of our group copped a squat on the floor to wait. We all talked as we waited; all the while I was getting more and more anxious. I was really thinking I might just faint by the time we would get to meet her. Then around 7:45 another group came up behind us. Big Rob asked our group to move to the back of the line…we were like “how did we get demoted?” (Jason said that). Lol. But it was only because we were the special group. We were the people Alicia would be spending more time with. 
A little after 8 we started to hear the music from the actual arena and I was excited and bummed at the same time because I knew I was going to miss Melanie Fiona’s performance but I was also going to be meeting ALICIA KEYS! Lol. 

We can hear Robin Thicke starting his set and we are still standing in our same spots at the end of the line. Around 8:15 the line began to move quickly. By the time we got into the room that was adjacent to the one AK was in, it was 820. So now I know Alicia is right next door, we can see and hear her talking to the groups. I started to panic and had to remind myself to breathe!!!! I really felt like passing out but all the other people in our group were making jokes so I was able to laugh and it soothed my excitement a little. 

Then we were told it was our turn. As I walked in this tiny room standing 5th in line, I looked over to see a tiny woman with beautiful curly hair, dressed in all black smiling and laughing and I lost my breath for a moment. I remember thinking to myself, “omg, is that really her?” I was very proud of myself because I stayed very calm and kept a huge smile on my face as we waited for her to approach us. She came over with a big smile and said “Hi! How are you all?” we all answered at the same time saying “good & great.” After that she shook each person’s hand looking them directly in the eyes, asking their names and saying “nice to meet you (person’s name).” Jason was before me and as he was shaking her hand, he told her his name but then asked her what her name was lmao. She answered, “Alicia” but gave him an ‘are u serious’ look. He was kidding of course and she called him crazy and laughed. (She is so freaking cute!!).

When she got to me, it was like for a split second all the air left the room and I stared at her as she asked my name. As soon as I shook her hand all the nervousness went away. OMG she is a true angel. I told her my name and smiled really big like an idiot lol. Just when she was about to move on to the next person I said “Can I have a hug?” She said, “Of course.” I swear that was the best hug I’ve ever had. She held me tight and for a good while. Don’t think me psycho or anything but I remember that she smelled really nice, not like perfume but just really good, intoxicating! Lol. Anyway, she actually thanked me for the hug. Can you believe that? 

Then someone asked how she was doing. Alicia replied saying something along the lines of “I’m really good, I’m excited that this is the last show for awhile because I need a break. I am also happy that the show is here in Oakland, I love Oakland, and you guys give so much love.” (Now we know she had lil Egypt baking in that tummy of hers).

She asked if anyone was together while laughing and pointing to a couple who was married. She was cracking hella jokes! She signed something for the both of them and took a picture with them and moved to the next person. When she got to me, I asked her to sign my cd slip cover for my friend. I told her the name and she started to spell it wrong. She laughed and said “Please tell your friend I am so sorry for misspelling her name, make sure you tell her that ok?” Isn’t she cute? But before she moved on I looked her dead in the eyes and said, “Can I just say thank you for your music, it has affected me in such…that your music has helped me through some…I mean I’ve lost so many people in my life and your music has really…you got me through and I really appreciate that.” (Yes this is real life I totally couldn’t get out a coherent sentence lol) Even as I stumbled over my words and wasn’t able to say all that I wanted to say to her, her warmth & empathy seemed to just envelop me and that is the true feeling of serenity! How does she do it? How does she manage to seem so down to earth and ‘normal’ while simultaneously seem so amazing and angelic? I mean, even when I was nervous, when I looked at her I couldn’t help but be calm. She really had that great of an affect on me and I WILL NEVER EVER FORGET THAT FEELING. After I told her how I felt she said, “Thank you, I’m so glad my music touched you” (or something like that). 

All I know is that she is every bit as amazing as, scratch that, even more amazing than people give her credit for. I dare anyone who has actually met her to say something different! You will be hard pressed to find a more genuine human being who radiates positivity, love, hope, and happiness the way Alicia keys does. After that, she pulled me next to her with Jason and Grace on the other side and we took our picture.

I gave her the t-shirt which she held up and said, “I love it!” We said good bye and was escorted out to the floor seat level. It wasn’t until I found my seat and sat down that I started to cry. I cried because I am forever changed by this encounter with Alicia Keys. I also cried because I had been anticipating the arrival of this day for so long that to have it finally here and quickly leaving, left me feeling full & empty all at once. A night I will never forget! 

The concert was AMAZING!!! @aliciakeys was doin the damn thang for real! Even through a hoarse voice she was giving it her all and sounded sooo sweet. It was cool seeing @anntasticLV and @therealswizzz. Ann was moving all over the place and swizz was focused on his girl and her singing!When she was up there singing Un-Thinkable, Swizz had his eyes trained on her with an expression that was full of love it gave me chills. Then at one point when she was leaving the stage, she looked over at him, winked and smiled. I totally crumbled at that. So much love I could feel it from my seat. During a wardrobe change I tried to get Swizz’s attention but he wasn’t really paying attention. I finally was able to get his attention when everyone was leaving. He waved. I was starstruck the entire night! lol

Meeting @melaniefiona: Take Two! Feb. 12th 2011

Me & the gorgeous Melanie Fiona

If you are not a fan of Melanie Fiona then you are missing out, not just on such a talented person but the most genuine person ever. She truly cares about her supporters. She goes above and beyond what most artists would even think to do. Actually, I can’t even name another one out right now that I think would go to the extent Melanie has for her supporters.

Anyway, we had concert drama where Mel didn’t end up performing as the flyer said she would be. She presented the main acts and sang “A fool For You” w/Cee Lo and that ghetto ass place didn’t even have her mic on for the first part . I literally stood there during Cee lo’s entire set with tears streaming down my face because by that time it was clear Melanie was not performing a song of her own. Later, Mel saw my tweets and apologized for the big mess and invited me and Teresa to one of her sound checks. *screaaams* Who does that? Of course we said hell yes! And here is what happened.

We arrive at the venue way early and anxiously waited for her manager to come get us. I was so nervous I kept laughing and bursting out that “omg, we are abt to meet Melanie Fiona” lol. We finally make it up stairs after hearing her beautiful voice goin in on Bruno Mar’s Grenade! It took everything in me to not run over some poor guy carrying pillows and stuff up the stairs lol. 

And there she was, standing right by the stairs, eyes closed and really feeling the song. Only music she had was a guitarist named Steven. 

Teresa and I sat down (mind you, this was Teresa’s 1st time meeting Mel and my 2nd time). WE WERE IN HEAVEN….the only two MelanHeads in the place and she waved to us as we sat down. She then sang “give it to me right” and we just swayed and sang along. She asked Steven to play one more song and she told us to come stand in front of her because she is going to sing “Gone and Never Coming Back” just for us *faints* This woman…..NO WORDS! I had to stop myself from crying because I could not believe this was actually happening.

After she finished singing, she came over, gave us hugs & introduced us to Steven. We chatted about the concert and she said she felt bad that we had come there to see her and they pretty much cut her out of the show! Then she asked when we were supposed to be going home & when I told her that I was supposed to be on a bus @ 5:45 that morning so I could make it back in time for my sister’s birthday party she covered her mouth and said, “oh no I feel even worse for making you miss her birthday!” she then asked if I had a camera that shot videos. Lol. So I said yes! & asked if she could include my niece, my other sis and my best friend in the bday shout out. She remembered all four names! Haha (bday vid). Here is what she sang & said to me

We talked a lot about how her music, and most of all, how her spirit has connected all of us melanheads together. We are like family and we all met because of her. We then told her about the two beautiful ladies and friends who made it possible for me to come to LA & go to the show and her mouth dropped. She was so gracious and appreciative of what we’ve done for each other and the community we’ve created. Here is what she said She said that is what she has been hoping to accomplish with her music. She did two more videos for me, . We took pictures before one of the people at the place said it was time to go. We continued to talk as we all walked out together. She signed pictures for both Teresa and me.    

We rode down the elevator together still chatting and laughing. I didn’t want to leave her lol. If I could have found a way to stay right there in that moment for awhile longer I would have. 

Let me also tell you that Melanie was super busy and she still took the time to talk with us. When we were leaving she was running behind her next thing which was the book signing. She looked at one of her managers and said “I guess this is what I’m wearing!” lol. Melanie is so down to earth and genuine. That beautiful spirit of hers is not something you can fake. You can feel just how humbled she is by all of her success and she is grateful for the love and support of her fans. I am not the only person to travel hours just hoping to see her…there are so many of us out there who believe in her talent and are in love with the person she is. What you see is what you get…there are no gimmicks or tricks. SHE IS INCREDIBLE, LOVING, HILARIOUS AND AS BEAUTIFUL ON THE INSIDE AS SHE IS ON THE OUTSIDE. I would walk to see her again if that was the only choice I had. This is an experience I will never forget because no one had to do this for me. She could have just left it at the apology tweet, (which was still more than she had to do) but that’s just the type of person she is. Instead, she wanted to make sure I went home with the best experience. And it was successful. Melanie already had me before I had even seen her perform but this just added to why I am and will always be a fan. In the words of Teresa, “I will always follow Melanie. Even if she is singing in a lounge or some obscure place, I will be there.”

As we parted ways she hugged us again and made sure we were ok. We screamed once we left her, jumped up and down got crazy looks and everything. We were floating and I’m still floating. I cannot describe this feeling other than to say it is the most uplifting feeling. 

Faithful MelanHead,
Shonda xoxo

Adventures in Meeting @MelanieFiona: Take 1! July 3rd-4th 2010

My journey

I left Oakland, Ca Thursday evening at 10:30. My destination was Houston, TX where @esco_12 would be picking me up (we would be driving to New Orleans the next day to catch MF @ the Essence Music Festival) and my means of transport was a greyhound bus. Needless to say, it was a rough and long journey. On top of having to be on the bus for 2 days, my phone was off so I had no way of contacting anyone. Damn being poor!

 A gentleman on the bus let me use his phone to give Esco an update, so when someone tapped me on my shoulder and handed me a phone, I knew it was Esco on the other end. It was pretty late, so everyone else was sleep but when Esco filled me in on the special celebration of Melanie Fiona’s bday on Kempire Radio Friday night I wanted to scream! MELANIE FIONA NOT ONLY CALLED IN BUT SHE WANTED…..REQUESTED TO MEET US! She wanted to meet all the @MelanHeads that were going to the show but she specifically said “lwilson & Esco” How effing awesome is that? She actually wanted to meet us! It took everything in me not to scream at the top of my lungs. I was not trying to get kicked off that bus. Despite all the bullshit and drama I had going on back home, hearing that we would actually have a formal m&g w/ Mel made all that other bull fade into the background. (umm incase ya’ll were wondering, Esco informed me we would be meeting Mel no matter what. So thank goodness for the formal m&g cuz we probably would have been arrested otherwise lmfao)


I get to Houston and not long after I arrive at the bus station I FINALLY meet the person who has become a very good friend, Esco! She and her sister picked me up. I thought I’d get a few winks of rest but boy was I mistaken. I hadn’t been able to finish the rest of Mel’s Bday video before I left so we had to get it done before anyone could sleep. Right around 6am we finished the video (check it out here ( ). Dead tired and still needing to get dressed, we pushed on through so that we could meet Nichelle (@sunnyshellz) and her friend Janea (@Sexxysassie). They were picking us up so we could all ride out to New Orleans together. Omg! We were so crazy in the car ride up…major shenanigans! Although I kept nodding off cuz I was so tired! I instantly felt connected to these three awesome young ladies.  BEGIN FUNNY STORY: On the ride up we tried to play MF’s The Bridge but Janea was not feeling it. Lmao (funny part comes at the end).

First We Meet

We get to N.O. safe and sound, park the car and break out our awesome T-shirts designed by Esco and myself.  Yay! Lol. Esco saw that Mel had tweeted about doing a m&g at the convention center which was damn near 3 miles away from the superdome (we didn’t know it at the time so we walked!) stopping to enjoy a couple of snow balls along the way. When we got to the convention center she wasn’t at the Walmart booth but we figured it wasn’t the m&g we were supposed to be at anyway. We walked around trying to figure out what to do next when we heard Mel’s voice and walked in that direction. It was like *FIRE WORKS* when we all saw her up on a stage doing an interview  I grabbed the big ass bday card Esco made for Mel and started waving it in the air hoping Mel would see it. We made our way around the side of the stage with the help of some woman (thanks random lady for pulling us in the right direction lmao) Then Esco made her way up to the front and got Mels attention giving her the card, getting a picture with her and then giving her the bag of gifts she made. Mel was so sweet; she was like “Esco! And said she would see her tonight. I was standing towards the back (I wanted to let other people who wouldn’t have the chance to meet her get up front) and when she looked up and saw me she pointed at me and was like “HEEEEEY!” Talk about feeling special. She recognized me. On the 3 mile journey back, we took some pix 

The Show

Omg! We waited in front of the stage for over 2hrs. Well, before we got to the stage we caught a couple of songs from Trey Songz. We heard a really cool blues/jazzy type guy Kermit Ruffins. He does the theme song to the HBO show Treme. Then it was PJ Morton. Although my eyes were focused on the guitarist who I now know as @jessebondrocks  cute white boy! Anyway, after PJ’s set, myself and the girls hung out on the stage  cuz no one was about to take our spot! Sunny, Janea and Esco even made friends with one of the security guys just so no one would try to challenge us! Lol. One min we were just standing with a few people around then the next we were were surrounded with a huge crowd of ppl. As we waited for Mel to come out I saw some really hot guy walk past the back stage and as I followed him (with my eyes) I saw that it was Adam Rodriguez! I immediately turned to my girls and shouted “theres Adam, omg, theres Adam. That’s him right there!” at first no one saw him and Esco thought I was talking about some other guy but then she saw him. While everyone else (Janea & Esco) starting swooning lmao. He quickly disappeared back stage again but the girls were keeping an eye out…didn’t want to miss seeing that delicious man slip by us again….(4give me Mel). Anyway, it was finally time for Mel to come on stage, her band was playing the music and the lovely @imberrydamnit and @Skylaheavens came sashaying out onto the stage . Of course us @melanheads screamed their names. <-Such amazing chicks!

Then comes Melanie, starting us off with Bang Bang! <— I was standing so close to her that I could literally stick my arm out and touch her if I wanted to. (that would have been a tad creepy so of course I wouldn’t lmao). Anyway, she looked directly at me and pointed while singing “I’m aiming at you.” Ok, anyone who hasn’t seen/heard the song then this wouldn’t sound like such a good thing but its an amazing thing. Her last note was directed at me so it was long and omg I was just cheesing and jumping up and down like a little kid! Then she pretty much sang every one of her songs off of the album starting off Monday Morning from the mixtape version. She also used the time in between her next song to give us special recognition for coming all this way to see her. I know this wasn’t what she said but it was a long the lines of, “I gotta say thank you to a few people in here, some people drove all the way from Los Angeles Ca to be here tonight with me.” (then she looks in our direction) ( Or something like that.

When she sang “It Kills Me” Janea was feeling it so much that Mel came out and grabbed her hand. That was it. All it took was seeing Mel live and coming out to touch Janea’s hand for her to become an instant Melanhead! When she finished her set (singing everything except for Walk On By) the MC came out and asked if we wanted more. Of course we instantly started chanting Melanie and sure enough the music began to play, Skyla and Berry came back out and then came Mel. It was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been too…I also had the best seat in the house!

Meet & Greet

Now the best part: The band is packing up and the stage/surrounding area is getting dark and we still haven’t heard from Anthony (the tour manager). We ask our friend (the security guard) and he doesn’t know whats going on but he goes to check. We go on our own little mission and Anthony peeks his head out from back stage and asks us to wait. There is a small group standing in the same area and we find out that its some people from Toronto who came to see Mel. They start asking us questions about our melanheadness (hehe) because they didn’t realize that she had fans like us already. They loved our shirts and took pictures of the front and back. They also recorded us talking about our fav song from her performance and things like that. There ended up being maybe 5 of us who were there from twitter (@Recee88) was one of them.

As we were standing back stage waiting for Mel to come meet us, we saw Skyla & Berry and called them over. They are such sweetie pies. They gave us hugs and said it was nice to finally meet us (esco & sunny mainly) I’m a newbie in terms of tweeting them. We took pictures with them and talked for such a long time . It was simply amazing because these ladies rock the stage hard! They give Mel that extra umph! So it was definitely a pleasure being able to meet them. They also complimented us on our shirts and said they wanted some of their own…..(esco & I are on the case).

After a little while longer, Melanie comes out saying “Where my MelanHeads?” lol, it was so cute. We all kind of stood there in surprise and awe at the beautiful and talented woman we’d been dieing to meet forever. Man, she is simply beautiful and so warm to be around. I felt so comfortable around her like we were old friends or something. We naturally ended up in a line with Sunny & I on the ‘outskirts’ while Janea & Esco were in the middle. She went down the line and when she got to esco she said “I know Esco” and gave her big hug. Then stood in front of me and before I could say anything she said, “lwilson!” and gave me a big hug as well. Side note: While we were waiting, the camera guys tapped my shoulder and said, “You REALLY are a fan, we saw you and you knew the words to every song.” (I think I just might be all over the video footage). We took a group picture and she posted it on twitter . We all stood there and talked for a good 15 minutes then she pulled Esco aside to thank her for the beautiful gifts/poem she gave her. It was beautiful and I was kind of standing there cheesing cause I knew Esco was on cloud 9 . When we took our individual pics with her I apologized for not having the gift I made for her (a poem I wrote) and told her I’d send it to her on twitter, she said, “Your being here is gift enough!” *tears* Have I already said that she is such a sweet heart? I love this woman!  ßy am I also so dorky n my pix? lmao

As she talked with other fans and took pictures (on her birthday) she spent a good 40mins after the show talking & taking pictures as well as signing autographs for her fans. She is an incredible person and so humble. We waited for her to finish a few more pictures and autograph signings before she finally got back to us. She signed over the purple heart on my shirt and two pages in my journal for Jojo and Crystal. We tried to linger as long as possible. Lol. Anthony was like, “Alright you guys can go if you have all your stuff.” We ignored him and hung out. Mel turned back to us and said, “Well ladies, what are you up to tonight.” I can’t remember if it was just me or if we all said it together, “Whatever you are up to.” She laughed and said she was going to bed. But we did hear Berry and Skyla say something about a party somewhere. We would have been down but I’m sure it was 21 & up, and not all of us were 21. But next year we will definitely be down to go…right ladies? Lol.

As we reluctantly left, she gave us each a hug. I made that last one as tight as possible. Yep, I’m a fan cuz baby was sweating up a storm and it didn’t bother me one bit! Also, Janea said, “I like Mel more than Trey Songz!” Mels response, “Wow, and I didn’t even have to take off my clothes!” lmao. So when we get in the car I finally start crying. I was just so overwhelmed by the fact that I was there and I got to meet someone who inspires me. For all the issues I had before I left it was worth it all to be able to meet such a loving, talented, amazing and special person.               

Remember when I was talking about Janea sleepin on Mel’s cd? Well as soon as we started the journey home she said, “Where’s MF’s cd? Put that shit in!”

That night was one of the best nights of my life. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.                                                             

Denial by Meleni Smith: Truly addicted to this songggg

Elle Varner - Elle Varner Medley
70 plays

Fan’s Perspective: I dig Elle Varner & I think you will too! 


Give Elle a guitar and a mic and she’ll create a song for you that tugs at your heart strings, fills you with emotion, connects with your soul and makes you think.

Have you heard of Elle Varner? Well, if you know me or have been a fortunate stranger I’ve chatted up in the past year, then you’ve been introduced to her. If not, consider this a formal introduction! She is a multi-talented superwoman! She is a singer, songwriter & musician. She has spent her 22 years of life immersed in music. From her songwriter parents right down to her education, including a coveted spot in NYU’s Clive Davis Department. Signed to MBK/J Records, Elle is on the verge of bringing something so amazingly fresh and real that it may very well change the way we think about music.

I was first introduced to this young woman in January 2010 via the “Alicia Keys and Friends Billboard Livestream.” I instantly loved the message in “So Fly” and thought her sound was unique. Her voice had a raspy/soul/folk type blend. It wasn’t until three months later that I stumbled across a video of ”So Fly” with a renewed interest. I had the video playing on a loop as I fell in love. I needed to know about this woman who wrote this spectacular song that so adequately described how I felt about my own body! The more I learned about Elle Varner, the more I could appreciate her uniqueness and what she would undoubtedly be bringing to the music scene.

Fast forward to now, she is one of only a handful of artist I really get excited to talk about whenever I encounter fellow music lovers, twitter followers and Facebookers. I jump at the opportunity to introduce her music to others. Many a conversation has taken place with complete strangers over Elle’s talent. I always have my laptop ready to share a song or two. 

 What I like about Elle is that, simply put, she is real. She makes mistakes, laughs at herself, knows what she wants…she is outspoken, quirky, kind, beautiful, HUMBLE and honest. She finds humor in things that most of us overlook. And in a time when music lacks substance and depth, has an overabundance of gimmicks and talentless “artists” whose songs are all but physically forced into our ears, it’s exciting to find someone who is genuinely talented and perfectly happy just being herself. Even though Elle has this incredible aptitude for jokes and shenanigans, she is serious about her music. On the few occasions she’s let us into the studio via ustream, we’ve watched her create & belt out notes with all the emotion and passion of someone truly in love with what they do. 

     Elle’s album is set for a fall release. Her first single should be dropping sometime this summer. I hope that you’ll take some time to listen to the medley I put together for your listening pleasure.  Check out the links at the end of this post if you’d like more information.  

One thing an artist needs to truly make it, besides talent (which is debatable these days) is a following. We are the ones who purchase albums, concert tickets and other merchandise as well as promote their music. We take pride when called Monsters, Barbies, Heartbeats, Melan Heads, AKFAM and a plethora of other names given by artists we support. Elle prefers to call her fans her people, her team. We are known as Team Elle Varner or Team Ellie V. She has a mini twitter movement going on as well. There are 6 team twitter pages!

 Since you already know what I think about Elle, I would like to share what 3 of her biggest supporters have to say as I’ve recently had the pleasure of chatting with them. Not surprising, they feel pretty much the same as I do.

Fan View  x 3

Kalia (@kaliaLashay) runs one of Elle’s team twitter pages and found out about Elle from her mentor Neeq. When asked what she likes about Elle Kalia said, “Her vocals are dope. She is really talented and not like anyone else. She is funny, spunky and humble. I don’t think she’ll let the music industry change her.” She compares Elle’s sound to Chrisette Michelle and Corrine Bailey Rae. Kalia expects that Elle’s forthcoming album will be one she can play in its entirety, loving every track. Kalia is also looking forward to the many awards that will undoubtedly follow the release of Elle’s album.

Monique (@MoniqueMarie08) shows her support for Elle by being an active member of the Team Elle Varner movement. She spreads the word & keeps fellow fans updated on all the latest news via twitter and facebook. Monique describes Elle as “a talented singer…she is a very humble person with such inspirational music with a strong positive message behind it. Her sound has an acoustic (Corrine Bailey Rae) soulful sound. She is a very sweet, kind-hearted and goofy person.” She also anticipates great music from start to finish on Elle’s album. She adds, “Overall, I want to see Elle grow and become this wonderful artist in which I know she is destined to be.”

Nafiesa (@NafRas) who is a bit of a funny girl herself, shows her support by sharing Elle’s music with other’s and is even warming up her radio dj friends in the Netherlands for when the single drops. When asked what she likes about Elle’s music, Nafiesa responded that “her songwriting is out of the box and I think that shows her personality; it just makes you listen to music on another level, its not standard and I can appreciate that.” She goes on to say that when Elle’s album drops, she is “just looking forward to being blown away with melodies and emotions.”

Favorite Elle moment: 

KaliaWhen Elle followed me on twitter, called me for my birthday and when she shouted me out on a radio show.

MoniqueSpeaking with Elle via Twitter because she is very communicative with her fans and I love that and also her Ustream sessions.

NafiesaOther than harassing her on Twitter haha nawww…ohhh wait, one time during tinychat she was cooking…nothing haha…pretending to cook, that was weird.

Utimate Fan Prize:

Kalia: Hanging out with Thee Elle Varner

Monique: Talking with or meeting her in person.

Nafiesa: hmmm I think it will be ultimately awesome if she succeeds and her dreams become reality.

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